Yannick Dujardin

Futures Researcher
Erasmus University

Game Introduction | Shuffle the Future

Yannick Dujardin is a lecturer of Communication Research in Communication Management at the Erasmus University College. He is also Futures Researcher at the centre of expertise Applied Futures Research – Open Time. In the field of communication he has mainly studied games and narrativity in video games. He has a natural interest in storytelling and narrative media. An interest that, as an avid gamer itself, turns into a particular interest in storytelling in games. With Open Time, he is mainly engaged in gaming & simulations as research methods. Other than with his nose in (digital) books and behind his television screen with an Xbox controller in his hands, in the right conditions you can find him in the North Sea. Surfing is the last of his passions, which he has not yet been able to integrate into his job yet, but who knows what the future brings …

Yannick made the serious game Shuffle the Future, about young people’s behavior in a sustainable future, in a research project with Greenpeace. 

Bridgette Engeler

Swinburne University; Incognito Sum

Trackmaker | The anomaly of design innovation in a post-growth and post-human world

Bridgette is a pracademic working across design, foresight and innovation at Swinburne University. Her work combines prospective thinking, research and strategy at the nexus of culture, futures, design and technology. Bridgette is the foresight lead for Geldom, a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop the next generation condom.

Functionally and aesthetically, what is imagined we will be using, building and living in 25 years or more from today is mostly very different from now, yet in most ways those images are still grounded in our current paradigms of living, consuming, construction and community, with insufficient attention to feasibility and practicality.

Karl Friðriksson

Icelandic Center for Future Studies

Presentation |Futures for innovation in Iceland, the Fuzzy Front End

Karl Friðriksson is the chairman of the Icelandic Center for Future Studies and managing director of Human resources and marketing at the Innovation Center of Iceland. He has worked for decades in the fields of marketing, innovation, product development and future studies with emphases on scenario planning. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, future studies and clusters for companies and municipalities, as well as applied benchmarking. Karl is a certified project manager with a professional certification in the field of product development from The Product Development & Management Association in the USA and trained facilitator in field of cluster management from The European Foundation for Cluster Excellence He has authored host of articles, books and other publications in the field of management.

There is growing interest in probing the interaction of the disciplines of Innovation and the study of the future. There is evidence that there is added value in applying methods of Futures Studies at various phases of innovation, but not least of all in the pre-active phase of the development or at the Fuzzy Front End.

Vincent Galante

Co-Founder and President; Co-Founder
The Pixel Shop; The Innovation Shop

Experiential | Prodigy AI

Vincent is co-founder and President at The Pixel Shop, a Toronto-based digital agency, and co-founder at The Innovation Shop. As an experienced and cross-functional strategist, information architect, and designer, he has played a prominent role in the creation of digital properties, applications, and campaigns for some of Canada’s most recognized brands across a wide range of sectors. Vince holds an Honours Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts (Visual Art) from York University, and is an MDeS candidate in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University. He is a member of The Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), and serves as Chair of the Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC), a cross-disciplinary design think tank.

‘Prodigy’ is designed to examine the themes of artificial intelligence and the inevitable complexities that arise from the relationships between humans and anthropomorphized devices. Though most depictions of AI are dystopian, there are more nuanced and complex plausibilities that could emerge–ones that do not involve destruction but will challenge what it means to be human. How will we reconcile contrasting notions of ‘human’ and how will our decisions impact our lives? Are we prepared for this uncertain future? This 20-minute experiential future will be followed by a group discussion to critically examine the implication of such a future.

Bram Goots

Photographer; Cameraman
Agence Future

Exhibition | ‘A Temporary Futures Institute’

Bram Goots grew up in Brussels before he moved to London in 1993 where he received a BA Fine Arts Multi-media from Middlesex University in 1999. As a free-lance photographer Bram shoots reportages for project developers, engineering offices and  architects. He was the set photographer on video-clips for different Belgian musicians and shortfilms. He is the house photographer for the Museum of Contemporary Art of Antwerp. He is a member of the international photographers’ collective OST and of the cooperative Picturetank since they were first established. Bram is responsible for the imagery for Agence Future and also for logistics as well as artistic interpretations and representations of the collection of images of the future brought together with this project. Bram was the second cameraman for the ‘ToekomstEN-AvenirS’ documentary and the director of photography for the pilot episode of the participatory television project Vill9 la serie. Since 2012 he has also worked as cameraman for a range of promotion, publicity films, musicians and visual artists.

Nourhan Hegazy

Foresight Analyst/Idea Couture
OCAD University

Presentation | Generations : Assembly line of aging and meandering river

Nourhan is a design and foresight analyst enthusiastic about social and environmental impact. She’s worked on various multi-stakeholder projects that range from engaging women in tech to the future of giving, aging and nature. She previously lead an interdisciplinary design program in-between Cairo and Berlin as well as taught design research and human factors at OCAD University in Toronto. Nourhan has a B.Sc. (with high honors) in Product Design from the German University in Cairo and an MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University.

Generations : Assembly line of aging and meandering river

Christine Heselmans

International Lifestyle Studies Programme, Fontys Academy for Creatives Industries

Workshop | Prototyping for a Preferable Sustainable Future; Tackling the Grand Societal Challenges

Christianne studied economic and social history with a final thesis on the development (and decline) of the welfare state. She is one of the founders of the International Lifestyle Studies programme at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg, the Netherlands. This study programme researches  changing lifestyles in a fast-changing world.  Christianne’s focus of research and lecturing is related to Grand Societal Challenges, Sustainable Future and Social design. She lectures on future concepts that add value to society. She studies the link between design and futures theory. To bring this knowledge together with students in aninternational society, she started a hotspot in Cape Town around social design together with different partners in South-Africa.  In collaboration with her colleague Linda Hofman, she developed the method ‘protoptyping for a sustainable future with value’. She believes that if we draw from both of these disciplines, we can find solutions to tackle the wicked problems we have to face in the future.

Linda Hofman

Researcher and Lecturer
Fontys Academy for Creatives Industries

Workshop | Prototyping for a Preferable Sustainable Future; Tackling the Grand Societal Challenges

As a researcher and lecturer in sustainable futures, Quality of Life and food systems, Linda Hofman is part of Fontys Academy for Creatives Industries in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Linda studied Food Technology and Mass Communication. How society may handle big challenges in the future is the topic she is most interested in. These wicked problems ask for a vision, which means that students developing future-resistant concepts have to be aware of the future and their role in the future. They have to learn to be future-conscious.  Therefore, she and her colleague Christianne Heselmans developed the method ‘protoptyping for a sustainable future with value’. The best reply from our students using the method is that they experienced that this model can influence the future and feel themselves empowered to act. By imagining a preferable future, we can take the first step towards solving huge problems in, for instance, the food system.

Duanduan Hsieh

Student; Intern 
Dickinson College; Agence Future

Exhibition | ‘A Temporary Futures Institute’

Duanduan Hsieh was born in New York City in 1997 but grew up in Taipei, Taiwan from the age of 5. The son of an acclaimed futurist, Professor Mei-Mei Song, Duanduan was exposed to futures studies at a young age. His 2015 four-part video series, WHAT WORKS IN FUTURES STUDIES, an interview with futurist Sohail Inayatullah, was awarded the Jan Lee Martin Award. Duanduan is currently pursuing a BA in Art and Art History with a Studio Arts Concentration at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Most of his art work is centered around identity and his experience as a Third Culture Kid, growing up as Taiwanese-American. In collaboration with Professor Song, Duanduan designed POSTERS FROM THE FUTURE  (2017) for exhibiting in A Temporary Futures Institute, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (M HKA). From holographic musicians to the autobiography of a spiritual robot, the four hanging posters each represent possible and probable futures.

Kewulay Kamara

Founder & Executive Director
Badenya Inc.

Story | A Story for Everyone

Kewulay Kamara, internationally renowned poet/storyteller, multi-media artist and lecturer. His is the director of epic poetry documentary, In Search of Finah Misa Kule. His book of narrative poetry, Word in the Belly of the Word, which includes The Epic of Finah Misa Kule is due in 2017. He studied economic planning at the Graduate Faculty, New School Social Research. Over the past five years Kewulay has facilitated/participated intelligence gathering workshop based on UknowLabs design in Africa, Asia, Europe and USA; published articles in the Journal of Future Studies; served on UNESCO’s Steering Committee on Foresight and Strategic Planning; and has given a TED TALK: A Foresight Storytelling Experience. Kewulay is founder and Executive Director of Badenya Inc., a non-profit cultural/educational organization that established Dankawalie Secondary School in Sierra Leone.