Futures Researcher
Erasmus University

Game Introduction | Shuffle the Future

Yannick Dujardin is a lecturer of Communication Research in Communication Management at the Erasmus University College. He is also Futures Researcher at the centre of expertise Applied Futures Research – Open Time. In the field of communication he has mainly studied games and narrativity in video games. He has a natural interest in storytelling and narrative media. An interest that, as an avid gamer itself, turns into a particular interest in storytelling in games. With Open Time, he is mainly engaged in gaming & simulations as research methods. Other than with his nose in (digital) books and behind his television screen with an Xbox controller in his hands, in the right conditions you can find him in the North Sea. Surfing is the last of his passions, which he has not yet been able to integrate into his job yet, but who knows what the future brings …

Yannick made the serious game Shuffle the Future, about young people’s behavior in a sustainable future, in a research project with Greenpeace.