The conference takes place in Brussels on June 15 and in Antwerp on June 16 & 17 .

The distance between the two cities is a regular Belgian commute. If you are coming into Belgium from outside the country your first port of arrival is likely to be the capital of Europe, Brussels. We recommend one overnight there on June 14th. Check out our programme to find out where you can find fellow participants that evening.

At the end of the first day of the conference, a 40 minute coach ride (provided free of charge) will bring you to Antwerp where the next two days of activities will take place. If you wish to make your own way from Brussels to Antwerp, that is possible too.


The Brussels venue is in the Arc at the SQUARE – Brussels Meeting Centre. It is located in the centre of town on the ‘Mont des Arts’ (the Arts Mountain) just next to the Brussels Central Station. When you approach the Mont des Arts you will see a big glass cube. Once you enter the cube, you will find signs to our reception area.



The Antwerp venue is the first floor of M HKA at A Temporary Futures Institute. M HKA is located by the river Schelde in the South quarter of Antwerp, a 20-minute walk from the historic center. The entrance to the museum is located to the right of the white cylinder.

Lodging and hosting arrangements

While suggested hotels in Antwerp and Brussels invite bookings from DDT participants, we also propose a lodging arrangement with local hosts for participants who cannot cover nights out of pocket or who would like to get to know Belgium from the inside during their stay.

We look for suitable matches between participants and hosts and if needed, for homes that suit specific requirements. Our hosts and host families are all Summer of Futures volunteers.

Are you interested in staying with a Summer of Futures host? You can enroll in the programme here or you can just signal us if you would like to know more.

Hotels and hostels in Antwerp

Participants should make their reservations directly to the hotel of their choice.

Hotel Rubenshof has a small number of rooms available (€ 62,- 88,-). Booking via email.

Hotel Leopold and Hotel Astoria offer reduced room for DDT participants rates until May 16. Registered participants receive a code to use with their booking.

Make a DDT reservation at Hotel Leopold (€ 107,- 121,- )
Make a DDT reservation at Hotel Astoria (€ 98,-)


Recommended hotel in Brussels

Hotel Bellevue is an energy-passive hotel located near Erasmus University College’s campuses.

Book a room at Bellevue (€ 70,- €90,-).