The European  Summer of Futures connects several futures oriented activities in the summer of 2017 in Europe. For the duration of the ‘A Temporary Futures Institute’ exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Antwerp (from April till September 2017) a team of volunteers and students provide an information, communication and services hub.

The string of futures conferences taking place in Europe in June 2017 provides the backbone of a joined calendar. It begins with the World Futures Studies Federation’s Humankind  2050 June 7–9 in Jondal (Norway) to celebrate 50 years since Mankind 2000 in Oslo of 1967 that lead a.o. to the founding of the WFSF. Next there is the Finland Futures Research Centre’s Futures of a Complex World’June 12–13 in Turku (Finland), celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the FFRC. Then follows ‘Design, Develop, Transform’ in Antwerp and Brussels (Belgium), June 15–17 organised by the knowledge centre Applied Futures Research-Open Time and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Antwerp.

A blog with reports and critical reflection on various Summer of Futures activities will start here soon. For the calendar of dedicated futures events that our volunteers update, refer to the ‘upcoming events’ listing below on this page.

For the conference period and until mid September the SoF team also offers travel and lodging advice. In particular, we assist participants from the global South on their stay in Europe and have volunteer hosts at key locations.

Do you want to participate? Do you want to be a host ? Do you have a futures oriented activity on between May and October 2017? Contact the SoF coordinator Maya Van Leemput via