On June 15th, more than 110 participants from 24 countries spread over 5 continents gathered in Belgium for the Design-Develop-Transform Conference. Over the course of three days, 56 presentations/workshops were presented to the Futurist community as well as many other interested parties. Below are the articles and PowerPoint slides that presenters contributed to the conference.

(Note to contributors: please send in your supporting documents)



Andrew Curry and Victoria Ward, “Postcards as Doorways,” Journal of Futures Studies (March, 02014): 101-114.

Richard Lum, “Working with Verge,” APF Compass (April, 02014): 2-5.

Wendy Schultz, “Manoa: The future is not binary,” APF Compass (April, 02015): 4-8.



Eva De Smedt and Chris De Smedt, Co-Creating the Future of Leisure: A Case Study of Pasar

Stephanie Ollenburg, The Synergy of Design and Futures Research

Cesar Villanueva and Jundel Toriano, Five Basic Scenarios on South China Sea

Maheen Zaidi, Building Better Worlds Through Science Fiction