DDT is a collaborative undertaking. The two organising partners bring together different perspectives from research and education and the arts. The supporting partners each add their own flavour of expert knowledge as well as practical support.

The DDT working group is representative of the rich mix of futures oriented participants we are bringing together in Antwerp and Brussels in June. Some working group members also sit on the reading committee, listed seperatly. We enjoy the support of student and APF volunteers as well as a network of allies and friends.

The call for papers is now closed.

Proposals of abstracts for academic papers have been sent to expert readers for double blind peer review. Proposals for other contributions (workshops, interactive sessions, experiential futures, performances) are also seen by two readers.

Notification of acceptance has been provided to the authors and instigators. 

A special issue of the Journal of Futures Studies will feature a range of papers connecting the three tracks structuring the conference.

Our illustrated conference proceedings will be a hybrid publication to be presented at the closing of A Temporary Futures Institute on September 17.