Founder & Executive Director
Badenya Inc.

Story | A Story for Everyone

Kewulay Kamara, internationally renowned poet/storyteller, multi-media artist and lecturer. His is the director of epic poetry documentary, In Search of Finah Misa Kule. His book of narrative poetry, Word in the Belly of the Word, which includes The Epic of Finah Misa Kule is due in 2017. He studied economic planning at the Graduate Faculty, New School Social Research. Over the past five years Kewulay has facilitated/participated intelligence gathering workshop based on UknowLabs design in Africa, Asia, Europe and USA; published articles in the Journal of Future Studies; served on UNESCO’s Steering Committee on Foresight and Strategic Planning; and has given a TED TALK: A Foresight Storytelling Experience. Kewulay is founder and Executive Director of Badenya Inc., a non-profit cultural/educational organization that established Dankawalie Secondary School in Sierra Leone.