Projects Manager; Masters Student
Ryerson University; OCAD University

Experiential | Prodigy AI

Michael is a Projects Manager in the Faculty of Science at Ryerson University in Toronto, with previous experience in policy development with the Ontario government. He is completing a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University, and has an Honours Bachelors of Arts from the University of Toronto. His career focuses on building partnerships between industry and academia, translating business needs and research challenges into collaborative opportunities. In his spare time he enjoys swimming, rowing, and video games.

‘Prodigy’ is designed to examine the themes of artificial intelligence and the inevitable complexities that arise from the relationships between humans and anthropomorphized devices. Though most depictions of AI are dystopian, there are more nuanced and complex plausibilities that could emerge–ones that do not involve destruction but will challenge what it means to be human. How will we reconcile contrasting notions of ‘human’ and how will our decisions impact our lives? Are we prepared for this uncertain future? This 20-minute experiential future will be followed by a group discussion to critically examine the implication of such a future.