International Lifestyle Studies Programme, Fontys Academy for Creatives Industries

Workshop | Prototyping for a Preferable Sustainable Future; Tackling the Grand Societal Challenges

Christianne studied economic and social history with a final thesis on the development (and decline) of the welfare state. She is one of the founders of the International Lifestyle Studies programme at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg, the Netherlands. This study programme researches  changing lifestyles in a fast-changing world.  Christianne’s focus of research and lecturing is related to Grand Societal Challenges, Sustainable Future and Social design. She lectures on future concepts that add value to society. She studies the link between design and futures theory. To bring this knowledge together with students in aninternational society, she started a hotspot in Cape Town around social design together with different partners in South-Africa.  In collaboration with her colleague Linda Hofman, she developed the method ‘protoptyping for a sustainable future with value’. She believes that if we draw from both of these disciplines, we can find solutions to tackle the wicked problems we have to face in the future.