Photographer; Cameraman
Agence Future

Exhibition | ‘A Temporary Futures Institute’

Bram Goots grew up in Brussels before he moved to London in 1993 where he received a BA Fine Arts Multi-media from Middlesex University in 1999. As a free-lance photographer Bram shoots reportages for project developers, engineering offices and  architects. He was the set photographer on video-clips for different Belgian musicians and shortfilms. He is the house photographer for the Museum of Contemporary Art of Antwerp. He is a member of the international photographers’ collective OST and of the cooperative Picturetank since they were first established. Bram is responsible for the imagery for Agence Future and also for logistics as well as artistic interpretations and representations of the collection of images of the future brought together with this project. Bram was the second cameraman for the ‘ToekomstEN-AvenirS’ documentary and the director of photography for the pilot episode of the participatory television project Vill9 la serie. Since 2012 he has also worked as cameraman for a range of promotion, publicity films, musicians and visual artists.