Tour | Trees as Futures Thinking Tools

An Mertens is an artist, storyteller and nature guide. She is a core member of Constant, a Brussels-based non-profit organisation for art and media with a focus on free software, feminist methodologies and free culture. An conducts research projects on how algorithms and code transform (literary) creation. Apart of that, she also started a series as ‘boomgriffier’ or ‘tree clerk’. http://www.constantvzw.org

Trees are privileged witnesses of life on this planet. Most often they largely survive us as a species. Planting a tree is always a future oriented action. Observing trees can therefore inspire us to surprising perspectives on futures, presents and pasts. Storyteller and nature guide An Mertens introduces you to some of the trees that live in the neighbourhood of Muhka. Each of the chosen trees invites you in the specific context of this part of the city to reflect on one of the four future scenarios presented by the Temporary Futures Institute. Your guide assumes that the futurists participating in this walk will come up with many more future thinking techniques, once they enter in conversation with the trees.