Innovation Consultant; Doctoral Candidate
Heart Lab LLC; Quantum Medicine University

Workshop | Cultivating Physiological Coherence with Possible Futures

Tyler Mongan is the founder and lead researcher at Heart Lab. He researches the latest in neuroscience, heart-brain communication, human behavior, team dynamics, and quantum theory and applies his discoveries to develop innovation strategies for the emerging business landscape. He speaks at conferences, trains start-ups and consults fortune 500 businesses internationally on actionable innovation and human physiology science to help business leaders understand the link between physiological states and business innovation and forecasting. Tyler has launched seven business organizations, is a published biochemist, attended medical school, is a Hawaii Music Award nominated musician, an avid surfer, and is a Ph.D. candidate at Quantum University studying physiological coherence and possible futures.

Research on heart-brain coherence suggests simple techniques for experiencing enhanced cognitive function, increased creativity, and group collaboration. A physiological based approach to foresight allows us to understand how to cultivate more optimal physiological states for not only thinking into the future, but also feeling into the future. The idea is that we can begin to develop empathy with a possible future.