Aaron Rosa

Research Scientist
Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI)

Case study | Boundary Objects and World-Tweening: Dynamic Entities across Alternative Futures

Dr. Aaron B. Rosa is currently a research scientist in the Foresight department of the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) and has worked on numerous EU funded research projects (INCOBRA, BOHEMIA, PROGRESS, CIMULACT, and others), as well as projects for the German government and private clientele. He is also a founding member of ROROSORO, a futures research and design company with a focus on developing games and interactive systems for conducting futures-oriented investigations and creative projects.
His project portfolio includes work with the Prime Minister’s Office of the United Arab Emirates, The European Commission Joint Research Center, the United Nations Development Program, and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Germany). As a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Alternative Futures graduate program, he continues to be driven towards research in participatory futures methods and practices across many media.

Daniel Schimmelpfennig

Creative Evolutionary Futurist

Presentation | Choice Architecture, Complex and Emerging Issues

Daniel is a young futurist devoted to fighting fascism. As someone who describes himself as a Creative Evolutionary Futurist, where evolution is not regarded as selection but as favorable design, he hopes to master his creative urge in order to contribute, to the best of his potential, to the super-organism called humanity. On this path he hopes to meet fascinating characters to team up with, who are not afraid to question authorities and aim passionately to transform the status quo. 


Can we increase our agency within the process of the realization of future images, in order to access previously sealed options for alternative directions? Can we still coherently reveal the actual condition of a complex and confusing reality, while manifesting humanity’s potentialities to the fullest? From Richard Nixon’s Madman Theory to Vladislav Surkov’s ‘Confusion Politics’, choice architecture in Futures Studies enables us to comprehend the multiverse of options, the concepts of choiceless choices, meaningful choices, and the illusion of choice.

Prateeksha Singh

OCAD University

Case study | Going analogue: auto-ethnographic insights on being steeped in analogue

Prateeksha Singh is a multi-disciplinary experience designer, who is interested in exploring how storytelling and art, in all its incarnations, can be used as a medium for public engagement.  She draws inspiration from her varied background: personally- a serial traveler, black & white film photographer, and someone who has lived in eight countries and speaks four languages, and professionally- someone who has corporate (Certified Public Accountant, U.S), start-up/non-profit/social enterprise, academic and entrepreneurial experiences to draw from. She currently has a boutique design consultancy, mpathy, and attends OCAD University, pursuing a MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation. Prateeksha is passionate about social justice, and drawn to working on issues surrounding food, environment, gender, and the need to build greater social and personal resilience.

This case study will share insights and explore how might they be used to create a new and smoother relationship with technology in our life. Auto-ethnographic insights on being steeped in analogue.