Professor of Foresight and Design
OCAD University

Presentation | Ethnographic Experiential Futures: Combining ethnographic and experiential approaches to foresight

Dr Stuart Candy (@futuryst) is an experiential futurist, design professor and strategic facilitator who has brought futures to life in museums, festivals, conferences, classrooms and city streets worldwide. Involved in the foresight field since the 1990s, for over a decade Stuart has focused on bringing futures and design together. He has created transmedia interventions, immersive encounters, tangible artifacts, and compelling images for settings including the California Academy of Sciences, South by Southwest, and Wired magazine.

Grounded in practice, Stuart has made key contributions to the exchange between design and futures in education, having served on the faculty of the world’s first two foresight programs in design institutions; at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto.