Futures Researcher
Open Time, Erasmus University College Brussels

Presentation | Creating artifacts from four futures of Brussels 2060.

Kim De Vidts is a structural futures researcher at the centre of expertise “Applied Futures Research – Open Time”, at the Erasmus University College in Brussels. While instructing political science at Hawaii Pacific University and working for the American Intelligence community, she equally completed her PhD. This under the direct mentorship of Jim Dator at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where her interest in two of her passions thrived: the application of the Manoa approach, and the in-depth study of contemporary and futures notions of nationalism and the concept of identity within a European context. Kim’s past professional experiences in both change management and futures studies allow her to manage expectations within both domains, while facilitating a convergence between both if so desired. 

This presentation revisits notions of civic versus ethnic nationalism to envision what the future of identity may develop into by 2060 applying the Manoa School of Futures Studies’ four generic futures methodology, bringing in an ID card as an artifact from the future.