Foresight Consultant
Future Impacts Consulting

Game session | Foresight game centred on “Future Disruptions”

Cornelia Daheim is a foresight expert and consultant, founder and principal of Future Impacts. Since 2000, she has been leading corporate foresight projects for corporate customers such as Alstom, Evonik, SKT or BASF, up to CEO level, and public sector projects, e.g. within the framework of international as well as European research networks, with customers such as the Korean innovation institute STEPI or the European Commission. Recently, her topic focus was on the future of work, societal change, and the future of energy and mobility. Recent published projects include scenarios on precision agriculture for the European Parliament, the study “Jobs and Skills – Work 2030” for UKCES, or a study on the “Future of Work 2050” by the Millennium Project published with Bertelsmann Foundation. Ms. Daheim has experience in foresight assignments in Europe, the US and Asia, and has spoken on foresight and future trends on all continents. In 2003, she founded and has since acted as head of the Millennium Project’s German Node – the MP is the world’s largest continuous foresight NGO working on future global change. She is also the President of the Foresight Europe Network, aiming to advance foresight in Europe.

The session introduces a game focused on possible disruptions, and participants will experience the game by playing it themselves. Set up as a board game, it uses gaming techniques such as randomisation and competition, and players can “score” by identifying credible and plausible future disruptions.