Integral Psychologist & Futurist
Evolutionary Guidance Media R&D, Inc.

Game prototyping | Cyberhero League

Dana is an award-winning psychologist and futurist with a design background. Founder at Evolutionary Guidance Media R&D, Dana explores how we can use information technologies and new media to promote human wellbeing and planetary flourishing. Her transdisciplinary research explores frameworks for impact media design, as well as new mythologies emerging in the age of interconnectivity, including changing heroic archetypes, and the advent of collaborative heroism. A pioneer of “consciousness hacking,” Dana’s interest in using technology to improve human life and tackle global challenges led her to the field of game design. This she’s launching a transmedia gaming adventure that enables youth to tackle global challenges and take action to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Check out her projects @ &

Cyberhero League is a locative/mobile gaming adventure on an epic quest to empower youth with the ability to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Game play involves completing apprenticeships with partnering nonprofit organizations and results in donations.  The goal of the DDT session is to brainstorm together to determine the most important or valuable “futures thinking” concepts to convey to youth ages 9-14.